Our SERS substrates can be used to find almost any trace-amount molecule you are looking for.
From molecules to microorganisms, in the lab and out in the field.


Due to developments in science and technology, we are now surrounded hazardous chemicals throughout our daily lives. Heavy metal ions, endocrine disrupting chemicals, prescription drugs, and etc. are not only lethal to human health but also the environment. Using Raman spectroscopy with our SERS substrates, chemicals can be identified and traced down to the molecular level.


Illnesses caused by foodborne pathogens is a worldwide concern. Agricultural products are traded globally, spreading bacterial and microbial diseases in the process. Sensor technologies for effective detection of pathogens is essentially required for food safety. Raman spectroscopy along with our SERS substrates can identify and quantify pathogens in a rapid, sensitive, and selective fashion.


It is important to detect and diagnose chronic diseases at an early stage because they have limited or no cure. Recent studies show that certain biomolecules called biomarkers within our bodily fluids indicate specific diseases. Such biomarkers exist at a very low concentration which requires highly sensitive detection tools for identification. Raman spectroscopy with help from SERS substrates can achieve highly sensitive quantification of biomarkers within fluids such as plasma and saliva.